Hesperia Community Schools

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Welcome to Hesperia Community Education. We are a full service organization offering many varied opportunities to the local community. Program highlights include:

  • General Educational Development (GED) Preparation

  • High School Completion Courses for adult participants 20 and over and

  • High School Diploma for pupils 16-19

  • Adult Basic Education (ABE)

  • Credit Recovery, Leisure-Time Activities

  • as well as a variety of programs and services to the Hesperia Area Community

Patricia St. Clair Elementary

96 S Division St
Hesperia, MI 4942
(231) 854-6615

Hesperia Middle School

96 S Division St
Hesperia, MI 49421
(231) 854-6475

Hesperia High School

96 S. Division
Hesperia, MI 49421
(231) 854-6385