About our School

Achieving Excellence Together


This is not just a motto; Hesperia Community Schools believe students, staff, administrators and the community all work together as a measure of excellence for education.

Great things happening!

Staff, Student, Parent Relationships  - Having three schools on one campus is an advantage for students and teachers to get to know one another. Students know each other by name and families grow up together with all the good things that come along with small town life in America.

Amazing certified instructors - Teachers are trained to the highest level of instructional practice using Marzano’s best practice research and instructional tools. A caring and dedicated staff is committed to an inspiring education for students with a mindset of growth and opportunity to be effective and successful citizens. 

Music and Arts programs - Students get experience inside and outside school to showcase talents. While many schools have had to cut these programs out of the budget during lean budget years, Hesperia has committed to giving students cultural enrichment in the form of band and art classes.

Athletics and Clubs – Extra-curricular activities give students an outlet and help them to excel physically and mentally. Basketball, football, volleyball, track, cross country, softball, baseball and wrestling are available to students.  Clubs such ski, drama, cheer, and jazz are also provided to engage students in positive activities.

Great things happening at Hesperia Community Schools video!