Administration/Business Office


The Business Office is responsible for all financial related activities of the District including: budgets, payroll, employee  benefits, accounts payable, bookkeeping, investments, pupil accounting, food service, purchasing and warehouse operations.

The Business Office  oversees all of the district's purchases of supplies, equipment, furniture, maintenance/repair and services. The school district is a governmental entity, and as such, all purchases are governed by Board policy, state and federal laws.

The department manages the entire purchasing cycle, which begins with planning and budgeting, understanding market conditions, inventory control, determining the best solution to satisfy the district's needs, supplier selection, contract administration, and ends with the proper disposal of capital assets.

The department is the liaison between the end users and the vendor community by balancing costs, quality and risks while using best business practices at all times. We are involved in analyzing the various methods of procurement, the act of purchasing, and material management. The department is also responsible for overseeing the District's risk management coverage.