buses.jpgOur Transportation Team prides itself on maintaining and running safe buses 100% of the time. The Team has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the Michigan State Police numerous times for achieving a 100% Pass Rate for School Bus Safety Inspections.

Transportation Department Responsibilities

The Transportation Department has numerous responsibilities. The department's main responsibility is safely transporting students to and from school. Other responsibilities include scheduling field trips throughout the District, transporting students involved in athletic events, maintaining our bus fleet, training individuals and new bus drivers for the District, and re-certifying our present drivers.

In order to be as efficient as possible, it is important for us to know who will require pupil transportation services. If we assume every eligible student will ride the bus we will have many more bus routes than are necessary. Therefore, we ask that you help us as we plan out routes by letting us know whether or not you will require transportation services.

COVID-19 To help stop the spread of COVID-19 during transportation students are to wear a mask while being transported to and from school, or any athletic event or function.  During this time bus passes will not given out, to help stop the cross transmission of COVID.  Hand sanitizer is offered and utilized along with a bus sanitation procedure, to help ensure the safety of children.