United States Army

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As a Soldier in the U.S. Army, you have several options when you join. No matter which options you choose, you're showing your commitment to your country and yourself - and you'll be an important part of the world's most powerful Army.



If you choose to serve on Active Duty, you'll serve full time throughout your length of service. Serving in the Army Reserve allows you to commit to your country while you continue your civilian career and serve when your real-world experience is needed. Both options have unique advantages. Any Soldier, Active or Reserve, may deploy during their career, based on the needs of the Army and each unit's deployment schedule.



As an Enlisted Soldier, you'll have the specific job skills and the physical and emotional strength to ensure the success of the team on every mission. Warrant Officers have specific technical or tactical specialties (for example: helicopter pilots). And Commissioned Officers are the managers and problem-solvers who lead other Soldiers in all situations.

Vist the Go Army website or the offical website of the United States Army.

The current United States Army Recruiter for Hesperia High School is:

Staff Sergeant Ryan L Robrahn

US Army Recruiting Station

214 E. 82nd Street

Newaygo, MI 49337

Office: 231-652-2563

Cell: 231-519-4781

Fax: 231-652-2856