United States Navy

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From your first days at Recruit Training, to the specialized training you'll receive at "A" school, all the way to your first assignment as a U.S. Navy Sailor, is contained in this section.

So, let's take a look at life during the Navy.

Boot Camp

This is where the amazing Navy transformation from civilian to Sailor happens. Boot Camp is 10 weeks of mental and physical training. Expect it to be rigorous and demanding. It's hard work. Then again, anything worth something usually is.

Skill Training

Depending on the career you choose, you might go onto skill training (or, as it's called in the Navy, "A" School). Here you can see everything from the classes you could take to some sample locations of your "A" School.

Experience the World

Joining the Navy is one of the best ways to see the world. For many people, travel helps to broaden their world view and experience different cultures.

Personal Development

Honor, Courage and Commitment. These are the Core Values of the Navy, and as a Sailor they will be your core values too. By embodying these qualities, you will build character and confidence, develop strong team skills, and learn to accept responsibility and accountability for personal actions.

For more information on the Navy visit the official site or the informational site.

The current Navy Recruiter for Hesperia High School is:

MMN2(SS) Dillon Cline
Navy Recruiting Station
1795 East Sherman Blvd 
Muskegon MI 49444
Office: 231-798-7450
Cell: 734-351-6091